Why design thinking works

Jeanne Liedtka provides a wonderful overview of how design thinking can produce product and business transformation as well as people transformation. She highlights a number of the more subtle reasons why design thinking, as a structured process that we are mindful and intentional about applying, superpowers teams and circumvents many of the pitfalls of traditional creative problem solving.

From the article: “Recognizing organizations as collections of human beings who are motivated by varying perspectives and emotions, design thinking emphasizes engagement, dialogue, and learning. By involving customers and other stakeholders in the definition of the problem and the development of solutions, design thinking garners a broad commitment to change. And by supplying a structure to the innovation process, design thinking helps innovators collaborate and agree on what is essential to the outcome at every phase.”

Read it here.

Author: Jeanne Liedtka; source & image credit: HBR