Innovate Faster with Lightshed

Our approach to producing extraordinary results

I founded Lightshed with a simple yet ambitious mission: to elevate the world’s mastery of effective and sustainable creative collaboration.

I believe there’s a better way to work together than most of us are accustomed to, and that better outcomes are attainable with the right approaches. I envision a world where people are not just great at developing and implementing impactful solutions, but where they also enjoy doing it together.

So when it came time to design Lightshed’s model for bringing transformative change to leaders and organizations dedicated to producing sustained extraordinary results, it was critical to integrate those goals.

Lightshed offers three levels of engagements: product transformation, culture transformation, and leader transformation. Our offerings meet leaders and organizations at any stage of their application of design thinking, experimental innovation, and mindful creative collaboration. Whether you’re just scratching the surface or you’re looking to go from a 9 to a 10 (and beyond), there’s something for you. Take a look:

Level 1: Product Transformation

Level 1 is all about solving problems, answering questions, and seizing opportunities right here and now. These are short engagements — typically 1 to 5 day sprints — focused on immediate results.

In a Level 1 engagement, we guide you through applying tools like design thinking and the Google Ventures design sprint — two of the most powerful tools in the Lightshed Product Kit— to find answers and generate solutions quickly.

Say your startup has been developing your product for months but you’ve hit a wall and you’re not quite sure where to go next. Or say you run clinical trials where every month over schedule costs millions of dollars and you need to find a way to streamline. Or say you’re losing market share and need to figure out how to reengage with your users. Level 1 is for you.

Put simply, Level 1 is about helping you catch a fish.

Level 2: Culture Transformation

While some teams’ priority is to get results as quickly as possible, others are eager to learn, practice, internalize, and master the magical tools of innovation and design. This way, they’re equipped to address whatever happens next. That’s the goal of a Level 2 engagement: cultivating your culture of creative collaboration.

A Level 2 engagement typically lasts 3–12 months, during which we train your team to sustainably apply the tools and behaviors of the Lightshed Culture Kit. This includes common design and innovation tools like empathy interviews, “How might we” questions, the jobs-to-be-done framework, brainstorming, rapid prototyping, user testing, iteration, and so forth.

But it’s not just about tools like these.

It’s also about honing the key behaviors of effective and sustainable creative collaboration, like understanding the cognitive biases that may be affecting you development and key decisions without you even knowing it. Or like applying critical communication practices like radical candor and conflict management. Or like employing systems thinking to better understand the complex influences and influencers all around you.

Whereas Level 1 is about helping you catch a fish, Level 2 is about showing you how to catch a fish.

Level 3: Leader Transformation

The third and deepest level of engagement involves helping individual leaders reach mastery of innovation leadership — learning, applying, and forming habits around the key mindsets and behaviors that it takes to boldly lead a team through the uncertainty, challenge, and tension inherent to innovation work. Level 3 engagements focus on the transformation of the individual leader, so that you can show up ready to engage in creative collaboration — and elevate those around you to do the same.

We use a leadership development technique, based on a concept called core energy coaching, developed by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, or iPEC. We’ve taken their already powerful method for transformational coaching and superpowered it to maximize innovation leadership results.

In a Level 3 engagement, you’ll experience the Lightshed Leader Kit, which supports your development as a master practitioner of innovation leadership. In addition to cultivating many of the skills from Levels 1 and 2, Level 3 helps you engage even more powerful and empowering mindsets.

For example, many of us sometimes find ourselves stuck focusing on problems, challenges, and barriers, or how few resources we have available to us, or what we can’t do — tendencies that can be incredibly de-energizing and immobilizing to us and those around us. We help you spend more of your precious time and energy seeing opportunities, leveraging the resources you have, and focusing on what you can do — tendencies that inspire, mobilize, and empower you and others to meaningful action.

Level 3 empowers you to see fish even in the murkiest water — and superpowers yourself and others to catch them.

Sustaining Innovation

Developing an innovative product is hard. Igniting a culture of effective creative collaboration is hard. Cultivating leaders masterful at navigating themselves and others through risky work is hard.

And if you’re able to achieve a product, culture, or leadership breakthrough in the first place, sustaining it is even harder.

I’ve worked on lots of hard problems and helped lots of organizations tackle theirs. My biggest learning? That productive creative collaboration is extremely powerful…and extremely difficult to turn into a sustained organizational habit.

That’s why at Lightshed, our Level 2 and 3 work focuses not just on applying disciplines like design thinking and experimental innovation for the sake of immediate results, but on going deeper for the sake of sustained results. We want to help you develop the product, the culture, and the leaders that you’ve always dreamed of.

Lightshed helps teams innovate faster — and then keep doing it

Do you…

  • …feel stuck on a big product or business challenge?

  • …need to accelerate a project you’re working on?

  • …have an opportunity that’s too exciting to delay any further?

  • …ever wonder if your team could work more effectively?

  • …find yourself hearing about design thinking but you’re not quite sure how to do it yet?

  • …have an identified area for development that you could use support in tackling?

  • …need to develop innovative solutions to a business challenge?

  • …want to ignite a culture of creativity, innovation, human-centeredness, or rapid prototyping in your organization?

If so, drop us a line at We would love to set up a 30-minute rapid discovery call to see how we can support you in transforming your product, culture, and leadership.