The 9 big design trends of 2019

From Fast Company:

Great set of interviews from Fast Company with some leaders in the design and innovation space. Some favorite nuggets:

  • “The biggest design trend will be a return to mindfulness and focus.”

  • “The next phase of architecture will shift from creating places that last, to designing user-centric, innovation-ready, and highly adaptive spaces that learn and change in real-time for continuous evolution, sustainability, and performance.”

  • “What’s particularly compelling about the future is how universal and highly personal it will be. Products will be tailored and formulated to your exact specifications based on lifestyle, usage, and even genetics. No two humans are exactly the same, and their cannabis-based solutions should be just as unique.”

  • “…we’ll see new systems and language for discussing and measuring the impact of our work beyond the individual user, ensuring a more holistic approach.”

  • “What’s exciting about our moment now is that science has surfaced the myriad of ways we can cultivate emotional and mental well-being—all of which are new channels for design.”

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Author: Mark Wilson; Image: NikolaVukojevic/iStock