Product + Business Innovation

When you need to accelerate your development, de-risk, create clarity, focus energy, or seize new opportunities, you need a set of tools and methods to guide your team’s work.

Our product & business innovation engagements are designed to help you address your most pressing questions - wherever you are in your development process.

Taylor facilitated an innovation exercise with our broader organization in order to drive a shared vision and to foster alignment around the need to rearchitect our technical platform. He facilitated twenty people through two weeks of exercises that resulted in a technical vision that guided the engineering team for the last two years.

Taylor has a unique blend of technical expertise, innovation practices and interpersonal skills that builds and aligns teams to imagine and execute against a bold vision.
— Mike Tschudy, Chief Product Officer @ early stage robotics startup

Where We Focus



For teams kicking off a new project or design phase, or looking to capitalize on a new opportunity. We’ll help you:

  • Identify, frame, and develop key opportunities

  • Diagnose customer pain points

  • Develop initial prototypes to guide development

  • Craft a vision for your impact



For teams who want to make sure they’re moving in the right direction. We’ll help you:

  • Surface key assumptions and design validation tests

  • Answer your biggest outstanding questions

  • Develop a validation process that works for you

  • Assess and mitigate risk



For teams looking to rethink their product or business. We’ll help you:

  • Identify gaps between your product/business and your customer/market

  • Adapt to changing market and customer needs

  • Explore how to make your business disruption-proof

  • Challenge status quo thinking


What It Looks Like

These facilitated engagements range from 1-day workshops to 3-day design sprints, customizable depending on your specific desired product and/or business outcomes. Each engagement includes:

  • Assessment of where you are vs. where you’d like to be

  • Customized content, agenda, and activities based on your goals

  • Debrief covering observations, identified opportunities, and recommended next steps


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