Our Mission

Lightshed’s mission is to elevate the world’s mastery of effective and sustainable creative collaboration. Simply put, we want to help teams work better together.

To do this, we bring together leading practices from design thinking, experimental innovation, leadership development, creative collaboration, and much more to deliver comprehensive product, culture, and leadership transformation experiences. You’ll leave a Lightshed engagement with clarity, momentum, and confidence, as well as powerful new mindsets, behaviors, and skills to carry you forward.


Meet the Founder


You know that moment when you realize you can do something you didn’t know you could do? Like when you realize, “Hey, I am creative after all!”? Or that moment of invention, when you and your team create something the world has never seen? That breakthrough moment when excitement, pride, and accomplishment wash over you?

That’s the moment that drives me.

Hi, I’m Taylor.

I believe in the power of creative collaboration to enable teams to do amazing things. I founded Lightshed because we all want to do great things and feel good along the way, but that’s an extremely difficult and delicate balance to achieve. I want my work to help teams get there and stay there.

That’s why my background and work combines so many different facets of product & service development, engineering, creative collaboration, design & design thinking, innovation, leadership development, coaching, and more. These are big challenges that demand effective and diverse tools and approaches to resolve.

I’d love to help you reach whatever breakthrough moment you’re working toward.

You can learn more about me and my background on LinkedIn here.